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The life you create begins with your own peace of mind, trust that you will overcome any challenges that you are experiencing. As Life Coaches, we are here to guide you on your life path. Realizing that you already have the solutions will bring direction and harmony to your life. As we embark on this journey together, the realization of your inner power will become evident as you experience personal growth and achievement of your goals. Take a deep breath and smile. YOUR life is waiting for YOU.


Contact Us for a Consultation

20 minutes by phone to see if we are a good fit for each other


Designing Your Life

Planning out what you want from coaching and how we can help you.  Setting goals and measures for achievement.


The WORK!!

Meeting in-person, by phone, or video conferencing (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).  We will choose the frequency based on your goals and personalize your schedule.


Celebrating Big and Small Wins

We will work together to track milestones towards goal achievement and celebrate not only BIG wins, but small ones too. You are courageous for embarking on this journey and we are here to support you.







Coaching Specialties

Transform your life today!

Business Coaching

Family Business, Mediation, and Change Management


Break-Ups, Personal Growth, Life Transitions

Building Self Confidence

Change starts with the first step and we are here for you

Wellness Coaching

Goal Development, Accountability, and Support

Get things done the right way

Why should you choose us?

Trained & Skilled Professionals

  • Trained through Alan Cohen’s Life Coaching Certification Program, we have met all standards and continue to grow as Life Coaches, to help you achieve all of your goals

Family Values

Martha L. Cruz being the oldest of 11 children in her family, grew up in a home of unconditional love, creating a positive impact on all her siblings. Peace, harmony, courage, compassion, and gratitude are our foundation and with these principles we create a positive impact to help guide you to your goals.

Commitment to You

Our commitment is to help guide you in achieving your goals, one step at a time. Building a healthy respectable relationship with you will help us maximize your potential, with a smile.

Cruz To The Top of Your Life

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    Contact us at to schedule an appointment, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be your future Life Coach!

    Location Specific

    We are located in Fresno, CA with a Professional Office near Fashion Fair Mall. We recommend a quite environment with little to no noise to focus on all things brought forth.

    Online Consultation

    We are compatible with Apple FaceTime, along with Skype and Zoom. These platforms are key for us to be able to serve people all around the world.